What Is the New Age of Corporate IT?

It is where organizations want and need their corporate IT to be.  It is a mode of operation where satisfying all of the paying customer interests is a top priority for every stakeholder.

It is a model where the center of gravity has shifted toward those that need information and its underlying technologies, not those that provide it.

It is the footing from which the long awaited maturity of corporate IT can at last grow and flourish.

But getting there is not yet another technology issue to be solved.  It is taking its root in the very nature of the relationship between those that need, and those that supply.  It is rooted in very simple misalignments in how roles and decision rights are distributed and how personal and team performance is evaluated.

Don’t’ ask your corporate IT to fix it.  They are stuck in the current model.

What you need is first to understand where the problems lie, and then to make the strategic, non-technological moves toward the new paradigm.

Change the game, not the players.  And don’t delegate the task to people that are right in the middle of the field.